Mount Enterprise High School Student Council Continues 20+ Year Sweepstakes Tradition

Mount Enterprise received the district outstanding student council and sweepstakes awards once again at the spring conference. In addition, Mt. Enterprise was recognized for outstanding work in community service, for outstanding school, state, and national pride and patriotism projects, for its numerous drug, safety, and health projects, and for energy and environment projects. The MHS Student Council has won these awards every year for over twenty years. Congratulations to the MHS Student Council and advisors, Joe Bays and Sandra Maxey.

Texas Association of Student Councils state awards are given to schools meeting the required point totals and documentation for the following project areas: school, state, and national pride and patriotism; energy and environment projects; drug, alcohol, safety, and health projects; community service; and outstanding student council criteria.  Schools that fulfilled all the necessary district requirements will also receive the above named state awards and TASC Sweepstakes award following the annual state conference in April.






Pictured above are stuco members Hannah, Cari, Rylie, Laci, and William.


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