Webquests, Lesson Plans, etc.

Powermedia Plus - Digital audio and video, still images, and learning resources.

MarcoPolo - Internet Content for the Classroom - Provides the highest quality, standards-based Internet content and professional development to K-12 teachers and students.

Edhelper.com - 11443 Lesson Plans, 1296 WebQuests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators, 1600 Word and Critical Thinking Problems, Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests.

Web-Based Projects - This site links to 15 High School Art and English webquests create by education students at the University of Richmond.

Civil War Personal Journal - This webquest is for 7th grade social studies. It includes related study guides, maps, timelines, personal accounts, and biographies.

Revolutionary War - This webquest overviews the causes and results of the Revolutionary War and includes a war simulator.

Holocaust - Aimed at 7th graders, this webquest provides a look at the social changes that led to this historical period.

How Stuff Works - This website covers a wide variety of topics and is perfect for the curious Junior High or High School student.

Field Trips

Moore Farms - Something for everyone PreK through 5th grade. Hayrides, walkthrough mazes, games, pumpkins, refreshment stand, and picnic area are available.

Texas Freshwater Fishery - Athens - The fishery offers many activities including a theater, indoor/outdoor exhibits on aquatic resources, casting pond, wetlands trail, picnic area, and gift shop. Recommended for all elementary ages.

NASA - Space Center Houston - The Space Center offers a choice of five school program options to create an exciting experience for all grade levels.

Caldwell Zoo - This small zoo in Tyler has really grown. It now contains a Texas area as well as the African and South American areas. It is very attractive with plenty of shade trees and a picnic area.

Caddoan Mounds - Alto - If you are studying Native Americans or Texas History, this is the place to go.

Discovery Science Place - Tyler - This is a hand-on science museum. It includes a gift store and rotating exhibits.

The Depot Museum - Henderson - The Depot Musem offers curriculum based guided tours for school children Preschool to Grade 12. Voluteers demonstrate such things as making rope and straw brooms, blacksmithing, and tatting. Great for supporting the social studies TEKS.


Additional Teacher Resources

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